Friday, 11 April 2014

Fia Fia!

Fia Fia is a performance that showcases your talent. There are different categories manly culture. For example Samoan, Tonga, Niuean, Asian, Hawaiian and etc. Our previous Fia Fia was last year celebrating our 60th anniversary.

My first Fia Fia ever was in 2008. The category I participated in that year was the Junior Samoan group. But this year my category is different I chose to do something different so I chose Hawaiian. This year on the 9th of April was our 2014 Fia Fia.

The last few weeks mainly on thursday after lunch would be that day and time we would go to our group for about 2 or 3 practices. The teachers who were helping in my group Hawaiian was the lovely Miss Ouano and Miss Eddie.

As the weeks came past our focus changed to our costumes. We needed red singlets and not everyone had one so it came to a point of a bake sale. So we had a bake sale. We sold Cup cakes and donuts and brownies and cake for that amount of like 50 cents, 1 dollar and 2 dollars individually.

The amount we aimed for was about 100 dollars but we raised $259.50 all together. So our teachers went off shopping and looking for red singlets. They came back with red singlets for people who didn't have ones.

When they came back we had great happy good news we had about 30$ and more so we are going to have a Pizza Party.

For me Fia Fia was amazing. It was my last Fia Fia and I am going to miss it. Again Fia Fia is a Blessing and it is a disapointment I have to miss out on the next one. MAHALO!!

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