Monday, 8 April 2013

Testing Omaru Creek!!!

In the last 2 days me and my literacy group went over to Omaru Creek to test it out. We tested the colour the smell and turbidity. We tested all around Omaru Creek. We went to the bridge, Culvert by Elstree Ave, and also the Lake and the Dam.

When we went there some of us took Buckets,Jar,Paper and also digital devices like ipads to take photos and videos. It was heaps of fun and we learn a lot about Omaru Creek. Once when we went on the bridge at Omaru Creek next to the Dam we saw creators like Catfish and heaps of Tadpoles.

We also learn that the bridge water was quite the dirtiest water in Omaru creek. And the lake water was sea water was the cleanest. Then tested it turbidity and saw if it was quite clear.

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