Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Camp Presentation.

Here is a presentation of what I did on camp. I hope you enjoy it !!! Please Leave a comment!!


  1. Quasial
    I showed your slideshow to my class in Hamilton, we had some questions about Camp.
    Where was it, and how long did the Camp go for? Also we were wondering if the songs and performances from Camp were recorded anywhere and if we could see them because they sounded like fun.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Hi Quasia I watched your slide show about your camp and I think it looked really fun. And I think it would be great if you could post up a video of your dance?. I would also like to thank you for leaving a comment on my artwork. I was please that I had a comment from Pt England School.
    Thank You.
    From Reitu Room 5 Melville intermediate Waikato, Hamilton,