Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pirate Princess Adventure.

Once there was a little girl walking home back from school. She knew that she would get in trouble from her mum binging late so she went through the short cut. The short cut way for her was to go through the forest.  When she was going through the forest she saw a light highlighting this box. She went to go touch the box but she was too shy that she didn't. Then she heard a voice saying “Touch the box Touch the box Little Girl”.

Then she heard it again and again and again. Then she got so creep out that she touched it. Then after a couple of seconds she became a Pirate. But not a ugly one or a stinky one she was a pretty Little Pirate Princess. But she didn't know that she was a pirate. Then she started walking back home back on the path. As she was walking home she started to talk to herself by saying  “ Why did I touch the box nothing changed”.

But then she heard her voice becoming deep and creepy.  As she was walking she saw a stone shining on her.She saw her reflection. She said “ The box I touched made a big transformation.

Then she got home and saw that her house was a pirate
boat and her mum was the meanest pirate ever on the boat. She saw that all her cousin from America all became sleeves she couldn't believe her eyes.  

Her cousins came to her and started to be mean like any old pirate but one of them knew who she was and said the only way for yourself to come inside was for her to change everything back to normal or become a sleeve just like one of us.

The she went into her bag and saw that she had a sword inside. Then she took out and went to her mum and said leave my cousin’s alone.  

Then she went to her mum and tried to make her stop but her mum just gave her a little cut on her T-Shirt. Then the little Pirate Princess went to the forest and started to cry and cry. Then she saw the box again that she touched and started to touch it again and again and again. But just like usually nothing happened.

She got so angry She got her sword and sliced the box in half. The she went home and saw her house wasn’t a pirate boat any more and her cousin were not there any more. She could see everything is back to what it was. The she lived happily ever after with her mum.

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