Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Olympic Values poster!

Yesterday night my dad and I decided to make an Olympic poster for my Social studies class. It was so much fun especially when my dad makes Women Weekly Magazines. So we scrolled through and fun some pictures that we thought would represent the values of this year's Olympic in Rio. It is Respect, Friendship and Excellence. I can't believe my dad came up with that idea. But I was so thankful for my dad because everyone loved it when I showed them today in period 2. 
-Here it is below.....


  1. Thank you Quasia for sharing your story in how you made your poster with your dad - that is real initiative and the post shows some wonderful images of the Olympic values - well done!

  2. So pleased to see your poster and proud of the team work - father and daughter that went into making it.

  3. This is a great poster Quasia. I remember always loving doing my homework with my Dad's help when I was at school.