Monday, 8 September 2014

Writing From The Lifeguard Perspective.

It had been a wild day. A hot wind had blown angry grey clouds across the sky, and the waves seemed unsettled and agitated. The lifeguard had watched the surfers pitting their skills against the swell, pulling out just before the waves peaked and crashed down upon them. He was captivated by the way the ocean stretched out into the distance, the way the swell keep rolling in, wave after unstoppable wave. The sun was starting to dip towards the horizon, but the temperature was still uncomfortably hot.

He saw a boy rushing down to the sea. It looked like the waves were bigger than he expected. As the boy was walking in, a huge wall of water was rushing towards him to crash down on him. The lifeguard divided into the sea looking for the boy. It was very hard because waves was crashing up and down. But the boy was lucky because the wave rolled him back to the sand.

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