Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Weekly Quiz ( The Whangarei KiwiYo frozen yoghurt shop.)

The topic for this article is, (Why was the Whangarei KiwiYo frozen yogurt shop in the news last week? 

Well did you know that KiwiYo is one of an amazing place to go to on special occasions like your birthday and party's and more.  

Well the reason why the KiwiYo in Whangarei was in the news last week was because the boss of the KiwiYo in that branch heard that one of his employees was greeting customers in Maori like "Kia Ora". 

Later on we heard that, that employee quit after she had first ever got told of that she wasn't allowed to greet customers like before. She had quit from that job.  

Well from my perspective of that problem is that the boss is being very stricted. Why can't he let his employees greet customers the way they want to. 

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