Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday Writing.

In the holidays I had an amazing adventure going different places meeting a dance crew and also going rock climbing for the very first time. I had these adventures at the Auckland Dunkirk Holiday Program.

Our first trip was going to meet Identity Dance Crew. Once we got there we were put into age groups and put in to certain rooms to learn some hip hop dance moves.

It was amazing learning moves from especially from an amazing dance crew. Our next trip was to Climb Zone Rock Climbing. We got instructed by on of the Staff their. Then we were told that we had to be stripped on to our harnesses then of we went climbing.

I manged to complete about 6 touching the top well some I made it half way and well the left overs I didn't have enough time to go on all of it. On one I got stuck all the way up top. I was scared of heights that's why. It looked easy but it was really hard. I had doubts in my mind.

But I finally came down. Then After we had lunch and off went back to the centre then after we went home.

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