Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Free Writing At Home.

Kara started to feel sweat dripping down her face. Doubts appeared in her mind, it said will I make it in or will I not. As the teacher called her up for her audition her palms started to sweat because of they way she keep rubbing it over and over again. The teacher said her name again " Kara come on up it is your time to show us what you got!" She dashed quickly away from all the doubts she had in her mind and all the visions she saw of herself making it in or not. 

Kara is one of those girls who are shy in times. But they really like to try new things. Kara is a really fit person. She is also one if those person who are into to sports as well! Kara has never signed up for things like talent shows and talent quest and that because basically all she signs up  for are sports club and teams and yeah just that.

So this audition really means a lot to her. Cause this year she setted her mind to aim and try other new things that come up in life. So her she is auditioning for a scroll in the school theatre group or Acting Group. She then walked to her place she got sent to and then she got handed a script she had to do on the spot. So off she went. 

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