Friday, 7 March 2014

My Book Review

Book Title: Dear Dumb Diary
Author: Jim Benton
Reviewer: Quasia Class 4
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This book was a very interesting book. It was about a girl named Jamie who had a dairy witch she called Dumb Dairy. She wrote everything in her Dumb Diary about her life style, about her mum's cooking and just normally just about her life style and don't forget also girly things like her crush and her enemei Angeline.

School was okay today. Actually, it was better than okay. Angeline got her long, beautiful hair tangled in one of the jillion things she has dangling from her backpack, and the school nurse- who is now one of my main heroes-took a pair of scissors and snipped two feet of silky blond hair from the left side of her head, so now Angeline only looks like The Prettiest Girl in the World if you're standing on her right. ( Although personally, I think she would look better if I was standing on her neck.)

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