Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jack The Explore Part 1

Once there was a man named Jack who was an explore. He came to a place named Antarctica. “You know where antarctica is don’t you”? When he got there he started his work which was to explore and discover the nature that happens there. He loved exploring and discovering new things that’s how he chose to be a wonderful explore.

The first thing that came to his mind was to learn first about the animals that lives there. He was a big animal fan. Wherever he goes that thought comes up “Lets find out all about animals,animals,animals,animals” wherever he is.

Then he started. When he was walking he saw two penguins come up to him. He was so excited because it was his first time that he ever saw a penguin close up. Because usually he only sees them on T.V. While the penguin was still coming I saw under on of the penguins flippers a little baby penguin.  

I rush my hand into my pocket and got my camera to take a photo. As I was still reaching my hand inside to try to find my camera suddenly a leopard seal jump up from nowhere and stole both penguin even the little baby one. Jack didn’t see the leopard seal because he was so focused on finding his camera. When he found it he saw that the baby penguin was about to be eaten.

Then he found a ice cube next feet about the size of the baby penguin. Then he got it and quickly throughed it to the leopard seals. Then to be continued..................................

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