Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Being At The Fabulous Fancy Langham Hotel.

Being at the hotel was amazing because it was so special for us. I loved it, it was really fancy and pretty. I loved the brownies we ate and the robots we played on. It was cool playing with the robots. We had to use the controls to control them. Then we got served morning tea. What I had first was brownies. The were so nice but not the dehydrated pear on top. It kind of ruined the brownie. But so far it was amazing being at that fancy hotel. The thing that made it fancy was because of it toilet cause when we went inside of the toilet we saw this massive mirror in the wall of the toilet but that wasn't just it, it was also about the taps, the fancy towel that we had to dry our hands with, and our toilet doors. They were really amazing doors . It was amazing being their at the Langham hotel.

Here is a picture of the ambassador's and also me at the Langham hotel.  

  Me eating the brownie and watching Jordan and Iisa playing with the robots. 

 Me and Josephine and Sela sitting on the fancy chair. 


  1. Hi Quasia, We are really glad you enjoyed opening the NZ Healthcare Congress at the Langham Hotel with the Pt England Ambassadors today. Your speech and keynote presentation was amazing.
    You were a very good presenter (and your fellow students were all excellent too) I am sure you guys will be invited back to speak at a conference like this again.
    - Best wishes
    Steve Hamilton (Congress Organising Committee)

    PS. I will ask the chef to have a look at his brownie topping (I didn't like it either!).

  2. Hi Quasia!

    It sounds like you had an amazing experience! I wish I could have been there to watch your beautiful presentation.

    Well done, I am so proud of you,

    Miss Ouano :)

  3. Great job Quasia! You make all the Year 6 teachers very proud! Thanks for sharing about your amazing experience so quickly. Keep being a proud Pt Englander and a fantastic Ambassador for our school. You are awesome! :)

  4. Wow Quasia, What an exciting morning you have had. I heard from Mrs Burt that you all did an excellent job presenting to the NZ Healthcare Congress.
    The Langham certainly is a fancy Hotel! So glad you enjoyed your experience this morning.
    We are all very proud of you and the other Ambassadors.
    Love from Mrs Jarman

  5. Great post Quasia. You and the other ambassadors are amazing for presenting today. It sounds like the Langham Hotel was a very flash hotel indeed. Keep up the amazing work.

    Love Miss Lavakula

  6. Dear Quasia,
    I have been to the Langham Hotel to have 'High Tea' and I agree with you about how very posh and special it is. I heard that the Ambassadors did a fabulous job presenting to lots of people. Well done!

    Mrs Clarke

  7. Dear Quasia
    Congratulations on being an amazing ambassador for Point England School.
    It is always special to be able to use those cuddly soft towels that you find at fancy hotels. Some how we just don't get them that soft when we wash them at home. Well done to your team of speakers, you rock.
    Mrs Blake

  8. Dear Quasia,

    An enormous thank you to you and the other Pt England Ambassadors for coming and presenting at the Healthcare Congress. You guys are the 'rockstars' and nobody stopped talking about you for the two days. You stole our hearts. You should be so proud of yourselves for your presentation, it was world class. We had updates from your blogs and played your video again on the opening of the second day.

    Enjoy the rest of the year and who knows....would you like to come back next year???

    Ange (Business Development Manager and Congress Project Manager)

  9. Here is another message that was emailed to use for the Ambassadors:

    Most adults in the room listening could not present with such polish (or relevance), and I thank each one of you, as a conference delegate, for enriching my day... But i also thank you as a mother, and as a citizen, for being the positive role models you are, and also for the great contribution you are already making to our society.
    I believe you, you really can be anything if you truly want it enough... I look forward to seeing what it is that you really want to be!!

    We see that you already blogged about your visit with us. I'm sure there is a cleverer way for me to contact you guys back... But I don't know how! I love that you all have so much further advanced IT knowledge than me ;)

    Continue to be "awesomer" and you'll definitely never be boring!!
    Best wishes for everything you do.

    NZ Commercial Manager
    Baxter Healthcare Ltd