Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Valerie Adams and Nick Willis.

Have you heard that the Olympic champions like Nick Willis and Valerie Adams did not win a gold medal but there was a problem that they didn’t win it.
The problem that Nick Willis had was that the person that came before him that came 2th was because he was using drugs,drugs to help you be stronger and like to make you a little bit crazy and can also help you to win. Well that person was called Rashid Ramzi yeah he was the one that cheated. Now our New Zealand athlete has a silver Medal well he's lucky he wasn't bronze.

Also the same thing happened to Valerie. Now it a girl, a lady and her name is Nadzeya. She was also using drugs to help her win and make her stronger and crazy well she was already crazy because she was using drugs. When they did a drug test on her she wasn't past then they knew she was using drugs then the gold medal past onto Valerie but the thing was that Nadzeya was hiding the gold medal in her country where nobody can find it.

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