Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Quasia in the World of Mud at Cross Country.

Have you been to a cross country at your school, was it good :) or bad? Well my one was the first one and it was bad. Listen to this ...

After lunch time we went and lined up outside of Room 16 and Room 18. We sat down next to our chair. My one said  ‘‘9 year old girls”. There were heaps of girls sitting down at the back of me. Then Mr Burt came and  walked us to the beach and when we were there we started our race. We started and we ran in the mud. I was coming 3rd then  I came last with my friend Ata. We went into mud puddles and got a little bit wet.

Then we went to the steps it was so slippery and dangerous. I nearly trip into the creek it was so scary and lucky I had my friend Ata next to me. She is really a good friend and the best friend. Then it came a bridge.

If you are going to go to a Cross Country like this make sure that you have some clothes that can get dirty. Also make sure you have fun as well.

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