Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Rave's Birthday

One fogey morning after assembly we had an awesome breakfast! It was sweet like chocolate with low fat sugar. We had chocolate cupcakes and Kebab's with Marshmallow and Banana and apple and Pineapple. It was yum but I don’t like pineapple. It was alright but not my type.

When all of us got ours some ate a little bit of theres, when they are not supposed to. Some were really not respectful.Then we sang the birthday song. Then our favourite part came we got to eat it.It was fabulous some even ate there’s slowly like Rebekah and D.J. and Emmy.

But guess what? Ms Ouano had heaps of sprinkles on her cupcake! Then our favourite part came to a END!!!

We had a lovely breakfast thanks to Rave parents. Did you know that Raves birthday is the same as my sister Marilyn, Paul and my friend at church named Zione?

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