Friday, 30 March 2012

Oktapodi Film Review

In class this morning we watch a short film that was called Oktapodi. It is so interesting and fun to watch. It was animated in a Greek Village . The main characters were two adorable octopus that were in love. One was orange, one was pink and there was also a restaurant worker. The Greek Village was a stunning sunny place that Oktapodi was film in.

The two adorable octopus were sadly separated from each other. The shopkeeper snapped his hand in the fish tank and took away the male octopus and had interrupted their relationship.

I think the main message of the the short film was not to interrupt a relationship.

I recommend this brilliant movie because it is a awesome example to not break up relationship, for you will really get in big trouble.

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  1. Grat picture and story.The picture freaks me out!!!!.From Marilyn