Monday, 30 November 2015

What should Mr Santa do?

Once upon a time there was a Christmas Farmer named Santa. He lived in the East Pole. As a Christmas Farmer he had too look after reindeers only in the Christmas holidays. One Christmas Eve Santa ran out of cookies and milk. He needed to go to the Supermarket to by some more. But wait... Santa didn't have a car and all transportation companies were closed for the Christmas holiday. So there was no way Santa could go to the Supermarket.      

Until 1 of his reindeers spoke to him. That reindeer said "Mr Santa why don't you ride on us", Santa replied saying "On you reindeers, hohoho Santa laughed are you out of your reindeers mind". Santa walked of laughing.

As he was walking Cindrella's Fairy Godmother poped up! And spoked to Santa saying " Mr Santa these reindeers are the only way you can go to get your milk and cookies". Santa doesn't know what to do? What do you think Santa should do, ride on the reindeers he dosen't know or trust or have a Christmas Eve without cookies and milk? It up to you finish the story!

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