Thursday, 2 July 2015

Term 2's Highlight & Lowlight!

One of my highlights from term 2 has been sports! Sports like Netball, Rugby, Rugby 7's and Basketball. Sports is something I am passionate and love to do. It is something that I have been doing before I even started school. I am really confident I can take what I have learnt here at school and put them in action in the future. And you never know it might take me along a journey where my name may become a big name in the history of sports.  

My second highlight is my learning. My learning especially in math. Math is something that other people think is boring or dumb. But for me it is helpful and fun. I feel like I have improve a lot and also learn a lot. I like maths and you all should too.

My third and last highlight is creating projects for this term's topic, (Tinkering Tools & Toys). What we had to do was to create something that would help or improve the school or something us years 8's will leave behind. My group decide to do something that we year 8's will leave behind. So we went along the journey creating a mosaic of year 8's and formed it into the school logo. It was definitely my highlight.  

Unfortunately I have a lowlight. My lowlight is fitness. I feel like I didn't put my all in our school fitness runs. It is something I want to improve more next term. This may be my lowlight but is also now my goal.   

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