Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Future Aspirations.

Today we were horned to have Louis Gordon founder of Glory League and Marcus Winter a amazing sand artist speak to us with words of inspiration. Also with Andrew Patterson.

They all told and showed their story of how they became what they are now. First off was Andrew Patterson. We call him collector of connections. He plays a roll with technology. He is a radio host and also has a connection with being on television.

Did you know that he collects quotes. He says it helps get through bad days. Next came Marcus Winter A.K.A. (Sand Man). He told us his story of how he become a very very very very very slow hand writer during his years in Primary.  From that he got his head in things and focus and soon as you knew it he won the award of best academic of his class.

From showing his talent in street he then starting showing his talents on big cruise boats and more. He got bounce but then he got back up and made his way to a famous very good sand artist.

Lastly Louis Gordan- letty founder of Glory League. Glory League from my perspective is a website you can view or record you play a sport like basketball. He made this and it is becoming something big. He started from thinking big and then he became big. Today was an inspiring day.  

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