Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Birthday Mrs Tele'a

Today is a special day here at school especially here in the Senior block. It is our Team 5 Leader also teacher of Room 3 Mrs Tele'a's Birthday. She makes people feel welcome when they are new she also makes them feel happy when they are down. Here is a poem I wrote for her.....

Mrs Tele'a you are like a second mother for all of us here. You comfort us when know one's there. There are times when you get angry and times when you are happy. The whole Senior Block knows you try your best for us so that's why it's now time to repay. Today is you Birthday and we wish you the best because...... you are the best! 

1 comment:

  1. Talofa Quasia. Fa'afetai lava mo le faamanuiaga. You are very kind with what you have posted here. You have grown so much this year in confidence and ability much further than the classroom. I know that your college will be delighted to have you in the new year. To'aga e fai faalelei ou mea'aoga. Faalogo ma usita'i faalelei i nai ou matua. Alofaaga mo oe Quasia. Mrs Tele'a