Monday, 1 December 2014

Good Friends - Writing Test

Good Friends.
-What they are?
-What do they do for you?
-What are they to you?
-What you think a good friend is?

Do you have friends, but are they “Good Friends”? What are good friends anyway?

In my perspective of a good friend, is like a brother or sister. By saying that I mean they are always there for you when you have your ups and downs and when you feel lonely.

For example if you get bullied and you want to make an end to it but you don’t have the words or strength thats when your good friend or friends came along and help you out.

To have a good friend is something not everyone in this universe has. A change needs to be happen, to make more good friends instead of the opposite. Because did you know that good friends and people are some of the things that helps the world flow well.

If you are one of those out there who doesn't have one, the question is “Why and How?”  Ways you can have a good friend or friends is by being one yourself. It all begins from you. Set a good example as a good friend and you may never know, start from none and may have more than you have ever imagined.

Because friends can become one of those people in your life that are very important. A good friend can be you!

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