Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Treaty Of Waitangi

On the 6th Feb 1840 in the bays of Islands the treaty which is the legal contract was signed trying to make peace between the British crown and the Maori people. Queen Victoria sent William Hobson on behalf of herself to signed the treaty.

A problem about the Treaty of Waitangi was the translation. The English version means different things to the Maori version. This is why the Maori say it is a key to show that they agreed certain things, and that  it should be honoured.

William Hobson the Queen's representative was one of the many people mostly called (Pakeha People.) One of his mates or what the Maori people use to call them in those days again ( Pakeha People), was Jack Busbe. Jack Busbe had a very important job! Do you know what his very important job was? It was writing the treaty! Yeah writing the treaty, wasn't it a really great job Busbe had!

Busbe was his short name people use to call him in those days or I think only William did! In the treaty there are 3 P's or 3 Principals. They are Protection, Partnership and Participation.

In my days know I can see the treaty has really help!

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