Monday, 8 July 2013

Netball Inspired By The Silver Ferns.

Showing the skills!!!!

Working As a team!!

Up and In!!! 
Up and In!!!
I chose to play netball because I got inspired by the silver ferns. I mostly got inspired by Maria Tuitaia. I love how she plays and how she shoots. She is a really good example to all the other little ones who also wants to play too. 

Netball is not only for girls but for even boys. My school (Pt England) has a girl and a boy mix netball team. They won all of their games. Thats how good boys are too. 

I started to play netball when I was a year 4. I was playing for my school. My team that time was called the Panthers. I had my friends Hannah, Rebekah, Sarah, Puawai, Rave, Mary, Nikita, Ofa and also me too and someone but I forgot in my team the Panthers.

Then I started to see that netball is getting fun so I started to play when I was a year 5. 

I love netball and I still want to represent my school until I go to collage then I will play for another team. Or I was thinking of coaching or reefing netball. 

To people all over the world ( If you haven't played netball then you should try it out and see how it goes because I am telling you that it is a lot funner and heaps of fun if you you play by the rules like you have too and play hard and fair).

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  1. Hello Quasia I like what you wrote about netball I hope that you win some games I have heared that you have been winning some games And I noticed the picture that are on your post they are cool too. Keep up the good work and hopefuly you win so more games !!! :)