Monday, 28 January 2013

Today's My 10th Birthday

Today I am turning 10 and I am having fun even dough on my birthday is a holiday. But all I am doing is getting wet with my dad and my sisters with the hose. It was AWESOME!!! This is sad and also excited because this is my last year in primary that is the sad bit but the excited bit is that I am going to go to intermediate NEXT YEAR!!!


  1. Happy birthday Quasia! I look forward to seing you back at school soon!

    Miss Ouano :)

  2. Happy birthday. You have double digits now going from 9 to 10, exciting. I hope you like being intermediate this year.

  3. Happy Birthday My Darling,
    I hope you had a good one, Miss you so much can't wait to see you back at school. Now we can call us the 3 marketeers cause we are all the same age!