Friday, 7 December 2012

The Missing Donut?

My Narrative

Once upon a time there were 3 girls and 2 boys who were going to have a little feast out in the forest. The 3 girls names were Katie, Jemma and Sandra. Katie will always called herself princess Katie just because her name was Katie and also the other 2 boys names were  Sam and Jackson.

Sandra explain to all of them that she is going to prepare a little feast in the forest. Then they decided to come. So Sandra told them that if they are coming they have to bring donuts. They all asked why?. But Sandra didn't respond. Then they came that day with donuts. Sandra said to all of them if they can help her mother. Then they went. Sandra rushed and got all of the donuts they all bought and ran behind a tree and ate it all.

Then they finished. Katie came running out saying “Let’s start eating now Sandra”. Then Sandra ran out fast as she could so they didn’t notice that she ate all of their donuts. Katie came and  saw that her bunch of donuts that she brought

Then Katie got angry and went to Jemma and Sam and Jackson and told them that a fox ate it. But then Jemma went and looked and thought it was just Katie because she likes donuts as well. So Jemma got more angry and told Sam and Jackson that it was just Katie but all of them didn’t know that they were all wrong it
was Sandra. Then Sandra saw all of them arguing about the donuts so she went to them and said “ Hi guys sorry but don’t be angry but it was me that’s why I did not want to tell you why you have to bring donuts”.

They were still angry but they were still a little bit happy that she told the truth. Then they had a lovely feast and forgave Sandra.

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