Friday, 23 November 2012

How to make a Square Paper Spinner

  1. First you get two half squares of two different colour paper.
  2. Then you fold them in half the same way. Which is right.
  3. Then you fold the top in like a triangle.Then do down bottom the same but going a opposite way from the top.
  4. Then you fold once more top to right and bottom to left.
  5. Make exactly opposite folds for the other colour.
  6. Place one on top of other so that their flat sides are in contact and make a SWASTIK sign.
  7. Tuck all triangular flaps in their respective pocket to make this star shape.
  8. Make a loose hole in the center to insert the bamboo stick.
  9. Then you can blow start to make it spin fast.
  10. That’s it.  

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